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Mondays, August 5 - August 25

Yin Yoga Class Series w/ Lisa Waddle

Yin yoga is a restorative style of yoga. It focuses on the intersection of body, mind, and spirit, and the balancing of energies. The class features easy postures, the use of props, gentle meditative exercises, and relaxed breathing. Yin yoga utlilizes Yin asanas (restful postures held for long periods of time to facilitate the release of muscles and connective tissue) in contrast to Yang asanas (more energetic poses designed to stimulate the energy in the body.) Because of this, many practitioners who find themselves utilizing Yang energy throughout the day find Yin yoga to be the perfect rebalancing practice. Yin is designed to be quiet, restful, and rejuvenating. This class is suitable for practitioners of every level, including those with no prior yoga experience.
Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: 2:00am-3:15pm
Cost: $48/series
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Saturday, September 7

Fall Open House w/ Staff

You are invited to join us for our Fall Open House. This is an opportunity for you to visit our studio, sample classes and meet some of our staff. We look forward to sharing a selection of yoga classes with you. Please mark your calendar and be sure to invite your friends and family to join you.

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Schedule 9:00am-10:30am ~ Vinyasa w/ Erin
11:00am-12:15pm ~ Yoga Basics w/ Neely
12:30-1:45pm ~ Yin Yoga w/ Lisa
2:00-3:15pm ~ Iyengar Yoga w/ Josh
3:30-5:00pm ~ Restorative Yoga w/ Meagan
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Cost: FREE





Sunday, September 8

Somatic Yoga and Sound Bath w/ Stefani VanDeest

Soothing Somatic Yoga is a therapeutic and integrative moving meditation that brings awareness to areas of unconscious and habituated tensions within the muscular skeletal system. The sequence of exercises are designed to help you regain voluntary control of your muscles by moving slowly, gently, and with the least possible effort. This practice is accessible to all levels of fitness and flexibility. Mostly seated, or lying down, this is a very restorative and internal process of learning and exploration.

Crystal Singing bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz which are used to amplify, transform, store, focus, and transfer energy. The notes of each bowl are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies (notes) found within the human body. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland, and organ of the human body absorbs and emits sound. As the crystal bowls are played, the oscillation and resonance of the sound vibration moves through our physical bodies and penetrates into our cells. Our thoughts are energy. When thought energy blends with the sound of the quartz crystals it can have a profound effect on our organs, tissues and cells as well as the circulatory, endocrine, and metabolic systems.
Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: 2:00-4:00pm
Cost: $30
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September 14 & 15

Restorative Yoga for Yoga Teachers, Part 1&2 w/ Lauren M.

During this 2-Part Restorative workshop, we will discuss the autonomic nervous system, and learn how to create sequences that support the parasympathetic nervous system. Through restorative yoga practice, lecture, discussion, training materials, and partner/group work we’ll examine propping and techniques for general wellbeing as well as for a structural injury and chronic ailments. (Yoga Alliance CEU's will be provided for these workshops.)
Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: Saturday, 9/14, 4:00-7:30pm; Sunday 9/15, 12:30-4:30pm
Cost: $100
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Wednesdays, October 2 - November 20

Heart of Presence - A Yoga Journey Through The Chakras

8-Week Series w/ Diane Sherman

The gift of our presence is the best thing we can offer the world. And yet, how do we “become present?”

The exploration in this 8-week series, is to understand the Chakras and what each energy center represents and how to work with each center. We will learn what each Chakra corresponds to physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. And we will learn how to use our yoga practice to open each chakra, using asana, pranayama and meditation as our tools. Classes will also include handouts about the chakras as well as personal sharing from the collective members.

During the week, we will have journaling exercises to support the opening of each energetic center, and to discover our strengths and where we need support. We’ll work with a variety of exercises to unblock each chakra so we can live with the utmost of integrity for our soul’s purpose.

The vision for this workshop is to help us release stuck energy that keeps us from being present in our daily lives and engaging from our most authentic place. (Limit 20 people)

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: Wednesdays, 1:00-3:00pm
Cost: $175/Series
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Fridays, October 11, October 25

Asana Assists & Adjustment Series Part 2 for Yoga Teachers

w/ Shelley Enlow

This two-part workshop series is for yoga teachers wanting to learn the fundamentals of teaching with their hands. It is designed to give teachers more confidence and skill when observing, assisting, and adjusting their students. Part one includes three workshops focusing on standing postures, forward bends, and twists. Part two includes two workshops focusing on back bends and inversions. A strong emphasis on asana foundation, observation skills, and intention while teaching will be instructed to help yoga teachers determine when adjustments are most beneficial to their students. (Yoga Alliance CEU's will be provided for these workshops.)

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Dates: Part 2: October 11, October 25
Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Cost: Part 1 & 2: $225
(Note: It is a requirement that you attend Part 1 in order to participate in Part 2, as the content will build sequentially)
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Saturday, October 19

Kirtan w/ Susan Jane Hall

Kirtan is an ancient form of Yoga, Bhakti Yoga. Chanting mantra is considered to be a refined and powerful way to meditate. It is also uplifting and joyful; the sound attunes the body/mind as you flow with the melody & rhythm. The performers & the concert-goers create the experience together, one harmonious sacred sound. The ancient chants contain powerful renewing & transformative energy that help us reconnect with the Divine, the Life Force that resides within each of us. Singing is the HEART of kirtan, sing from the heart and the sound always resonates beautifully. You do not need to be a professional singer, if you can make sound, you can chant!

“Kirtan is a means of finding our way back to the core of our Being, to our heart, and to our connection with each other.” ~Ragani

Live music, song, community & breath. :)

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Cost: General Public - $20.00
Yoga Teachers - $10.00
Children (old enough to participate) - $5.00
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Sunday, 11/10

The Study of Ayurveda, Part 2, for Yoga Teachers

w/ Patricia Berger

These two Ayurvedic workshops are designed for yoga teachers. They will include a review of the fundamentals of Ayurveda, followed by a comprehensive study of the seven Dhatus, the tissues that make up the body. We will focus on the path of Rasayana, learning how to create a juicy life in harmony with Nature. Next, we will focus on creating sustainable change in this direction through a vibrant understanding related to specific habits, particularly relevant to modern life. We will explore the Ayurvedic teachings on chronobiology (biological rhythms), nourishment (including how, when, and what to eat; the six tastes & dosha specific diets), sleep, digestion, exercise, asana an all yogic spiritual practices. (Yoga Alliance CEU's will be provided for these workshops.)

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Dates: Part 2: November 10
Times: 12:30-4:30pm
Cost: Part 1 & 2: $100
(Note: It is a requirement that you attend Part 1 in order to participate in Part 2, as the content will build sequentially)
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Thursday, November 28

Thanksgiving Day: Gratitude, w/ Diane Sherman

Do you want to fill your holiday with Gratitude and start it by feeling great in your body and heart?

Then join your yoga community and open your heart through your practice so you can harness that energy and take it into the holiday! We fill ourselves first so we can gratefully and abundantly give to others later! Come. It will be beautiful to be together.

All Students welcome.

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: 9:30-11:30am
Cost: Donation based $10 - $30 (donated to Second Harvest)
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Friday, December 20

Winter Solstice: Seeing With Different Eyes, w/ Diane Sherman

“Time to go into the dark, where the night has eyes, to recognize its own.” David Whyte

The darkest time of the year gives us time to turn inwards and rekindle the flame within. Take time to be with your SELF this Winter Solstice to hear the deeper whisperings for your own path. The intention of this evening is to open ritual space to honor our own inner light, while not turning away from our own darkness, but to make space for ALL parts of ourselves.

Enjoy a deep yoga practice combining yin and yang yoga, poetry and nourishing self-reflection.

All Students welcome.

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: 5:30-8:00pm
Cost: $35
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