Harmony Yoga Teacher Training


White Lotus

"I signed up for your Harmony Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my practice.  Not only is this definitely happening, it's happening in a much broader and deeper respect than I imagined.  The quality of the training is top notch in every way. 

The other participants are wonderful on so many levels.  I came to deepen my 'personal' practice and found myself in a new and truly meaningful community.  This training is so much more than I dreamed possible.  Thanks Ally, for creating such a profound experience right here in Spokane!"
Claudia Curran

"I would first like to Thank You for all the hard work and effort that it took in putting the wonderful manual together and designing this program with your special personal touches. 

I also want to send you my heartfelt appreciation for putting your "heart and soul" into this program, in order that we may be able to learn what you have learned from your incredible treasure of knowledge, and pass along this deep spiritual tradition of the TRUE YOGA down to us, your pupils.  I am very excited and extremely eager to learn as much as I can from you.

"The yoga teacher training program at Harmony Yoga is fantastic.  Ally and the other experienced instructors she brings in to teach are incredibly knowledgeable and kind.

When I decided I wanted to become a certified Yoga Alliance instructor, I thought I would learn about the technical aspects of asanas and about yoga from an intellectual perspective.  I did not anticipate the other effects of being in the training program - learning about myself, expanding my spiritual and historical understanding, and forming friendships through the intense bond we have all formed.  It is truly a transformative experience."
Cyndi Slizza

"When I signed up for this class I had no comprehension of just how AMAZING it would be!

Ally has provided such a bright, beautiful, compassionate, ego-free space that has really turned into a sister hood. All twenty of us students can't wait to come back and learn more and to congregate with one another to share ideas, stories, laughter and love.

We have gained a lot of personal growth and healing through the insight gleaned on our Friday night pow-wows, where we dove into the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita with respect and open minds! I am eternally grateful to have found Harmony Yoga, and to have met Ally and all the wonderful instructors whom she has invited into our training!"
Emily Yingling

"When I began taking yoga two years ago, I fell in love with it immediately, and I wanted to learn everything I could.  However, as I began studying it soon became clear that yoga is a huge subject--I often wished for a program that could provide me a foundation I could build on, a way to begin making sense of all the information.  Harmony's Teacher Training is that program.

I have received a thorough grounding in important aspects of yoga: philosophy, history, anatomy, different styles, asana and pranayama, etc. Not only am I far better informed, but what I have learned has increased my love for the practice.

Although the program is designed to train those who wish to teach, it is also wonderful for those who simply wish to deepen their knowledge of this fascinating subject, and I encourage any of my fellow yogis to enroll."  

"Ally creates the space and sets the tone for the learning experience. I was blown away by the support and superior instruction in the art of teaching yoga. My experience from the Harmony Yoga Teacher Training 2012 will stay with me the rest of my life! Much Gratitude!"
Jessie Raugust

“It is hard to put into words the many, many benefits I have gained from the Teacher Training program. The classes are comprehensive, covering all aspects of yoga. Every instructor brought unique knowledge, talents and skills to the training.

Over the past 6 months (which have flown by) my personal yoga practice has grown immensely. I feel far more confident about my teaching techniques and abilities. I've met and become friends with my fellow students, 20 wonderful women of like mind and interests.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to expand their personal knowledge of yoga or to become a certified teacher.”
Denise Best

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Harmony Yoga Teacher Training


Harmony Yoga Teacher Training


Harmony Yoga Teacher Training


Harmony Yoga Teacher Training



Harmony Yoga Teacher Training Graduating Class