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RYT-300 Advanced Teacher Training

RYT-300 Advanced Teacher Training FAQ


Q – Are you a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance?

A - Yes, we are a 200/300hr. Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS-200 & RYS-300). Upon completion of our program, graduates will be eligible to apply for their RYT-500 registration online at www.yogaalliance.org.

Q – Have your staff had experience teaching in other Trainings?

A - Yes, all our staff have participated in past Teacher Trainings. Alison, our Program Director, has directed 6 trainings and been involved in 2 others.

Q – How many students do you generally have in your trainings?

A - We have had 15-28 students in our RYT-200 trainings over the past 5 years. 28 students is the max.

Q – Are there any spaces in your 2019 Training?

A - Yes, absolutely, we currently have plenty of space.

Q – What happens if I have to miss a weekend?

A - We highly recommend that you attend every weekend, however, we have woven extra hours into the program, so that either with or without the "make-up weekend", you will still be able to graduate by the end of the program.

Q – How do I register?

A - Simply click on the Fees & Registration link where you can easily download a printable Application form.

FAQs Yoga Teacher Training


FAQs Yoga Teacher Training


FAQs Yoga Teacher Training