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Tuesdays, March 6, 13, 20, 27

Subtle Yoga Series w/ Anna Molgard

Looking to deepen your yoga practice? Interested in experiencing some of the more subtle aspects of yoga? Want to understand the ancient map of the body as a multi-dimensional being? This workshop with yoga therapist,Anna Molgard, will explore a yoga practice through the different layers of experience, called Koshas. You will move from a physically oriented yoga experience, to a focus on the breath. You will then sense how yoga can help access the emotions, your inner sense of wisdom and finally, a sense of deep connection to self. Come move, breathe, and meditate together. This course is appropriate for students of all levels and teachers wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga philosophy and practice.

The chakras are the deep energy centers of the body. In this workshop students will be guided by Anna Molgard, yoga therapist, through a yoga practice to help sense and feel each chakra using movement (asana), breathing (pranayama), hand gestures (mudras) and meditation. Students will learn ways they can use the practices of yoga to help foster the energetic balance of these energy centers. Using brief lectures, experiential learning exercises, discussion and some partner work, students will be led to an increasing inner awareness of the chakras in their own bodies. This workshop is appropriate for yoga students of all levels looking to deepen their understanding of the chakras and for teachers wanting to gain insights into how to guide students into this deeper awareness in their classes.

Pranayama is the study of the breath in yoga practice. Breath is the source of life and support for all of the systems of the body. As the breath becomes optimized, the systems of the body respond likewise. This course will guide students through a basic physiological understanding of the breath and the respiratory system. They will learn some common dysfunctions of breathing and learn specific yoga tools to facilitate optimal respiration. They will also learn several basic breathing practices they can incorporate into their yoga practices or begin to develop a pranayama practice. This course is appropriate for students of all levels and teachers interested in incorporating more pranayama into their teaching.

Come join Anna Molgard, yoga therapist, to learn more about the inner maps of the body. Mudras are simple hand gestures based in ancient practice to cultivate specific qualities in the body, mind and spirit that support the journey of health and healing. The vayus are the channels of movement of prana (life force) within the body. In this workshop students will learn a number of specific hand gestures (mudras) and begin to feel and sense the pathways of the vayus in a specifically designed yoga practice. They will also be introduced to the concept of the five elements and their correlation to hand gestures. Anna will use brief lectures, learning experiences, reflection and sharing to facilitate greater learning. This course is accessible to students and teachers of all levels. Handouts will be included. (Based on the book “Mudras” by Joseph & Lilian LePage, Integrative Yoga Therapy.)

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: 12:30-2:30pm
Cost: $99/Series, $30/each
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Sunday, April 22

Earth Day Movement Ritual w/ Diane & Cybele

Join us for an afternoon celebrating our beautiful planet Earth, as we access and explore our own earthly nature, rhythms, and cycles. Through free-form movement we’ll explore our relationship to the planet, asking key questions:

What is your natural rhythm? How do you root down and ground yourself? What is blooming within you this Spring?

Music and sound-scapes will accompany us, supporting our inquiry so that we can take a deep inward dive.

This workshop is open to all movers, whether new to this practice or more seasoned. Please bring something “of the earth” that is meaningful to you to create a collective altar.

Diane Sherman, MA, is a yoga teacher, artist and writer. She leads yoga and creative process workshops in the Spokane and Bay Area, as well as taking people on retreats to India. Her movement and creative process practices span 30 years. Cybèle Tomlinson is co-owner of the Berkeley Yoga Center in Berkeley, CA, where she teaches yoga, movement classes and workshops. She is the author of "Simple Yoga and Ayurveda Wisdom" and is currently studying to become a Diamond Heart teacher.

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: 10:30am-1:30pm
Cost: $45
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Friday, May 11 (new date)

Couples Thai Yoga w/ Anna Molgard

Take a break from the busy holiday season to be nurtured in a peaceful environment. Bring a partner and experience a deeply relaxing practice together. Guided by yoga therapist, Anna Molgard who is trained in Thai Yoga, students will learn to offer gentle touch and assisted movement to their partner in a supportive environment. No yoga experience is necessary. Come enjoy an evening of connection and relaxation. Refreshments provided.

Location: Harmony Yoga, 1717 W. 6th, Spokane
Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Cost: $30/each individual
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